Miss Burton South Wales

Case Study

Tarmac Driveway Installation in South Wales
30th October 2019

Customer, Miss Natalie Burton in South Wales needed off road parking for one car but only had a 1 metre wide path leading up to the house.

The entrance was widened by disk cutting the perimeter wall and excavating and clearing the existing garden soil and chippings to a depth of 300mm. A 150mm layer of stone to dust was applied, levelled and compacted then infilling and compacting any indentations to ensure a level base running away from the house.

miss burton tarmac driveway surfacing

Red brick paviors were installed and cemented in as decorative edging before laying a 50mm thick base coat before a 30mm top wearing coat with 6mm fine stone finish was applied to a total thickness of approximately 80mm.

The pavement was also resurface at a gradient away from the house to prevent flooding as had happened on previous occasions.